Five decades of serving business people, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Mexico. 1967 - 2017

Five decades of serving businesspeople, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Mexico. 1967 – 2017

Looking to the Past to Prepare for the Future

On March 30th, 2017, IPADE will celebrate 50 years since its founding. This date will mark the beginning of a series of commemorative events and academic projects that will run the duration of 2017.

The schedule of commemorative events was created as a way to revisit and celebrate the history of IPADE, as well as the impact that the institution has had on thousands of businesspeople and leaders. The events will be accompanied by the publication of an ambitious collection of research projects on innovation, family businesses, institutional governance, women in management positions, and business philosophy.

Looking towards the future, the anniversary celebration also includes an unprecedented effort by IPADE professors to co-write and publish 100 case studies with professors from other prestigious business schools from around the world.

These anniversary events are focused on strengthening IPADE Business School and continuing to solidify its position as the business school of reference in Mexico and Central America.


NOVEMBER, 10th, 11th y 12th

IPADE Business School, Guadalajara Campus

IPADE 50 Years Outlook

Dr. Rafael Gómez Nava

Dean, IPADE Business School

IPADE’s 50th Anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate, to commemorate, to review, and to renew.


Our purpose is to train leaders

IPADE Business School was founded in 1967 to train leaders through innovative academics, a global focus, social responsibility, and adherence to Christian values. To date, over 35,000 students have graduated from IPADE, and the school has three permanent campuses, various satellite activities in cities across Mexico, and a presence in Central America.