During the Global Alumni Meeting in IPADE’s Guadalajara campus, five books, outcome of IPADE’s research work, were introduced.

The Colección Conmemorativa de los Centros de Investigación is one of the academic projects prepared for the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary and includes topics of Social Value Generation, Family Businesses, Women in Top Management, Philosophy and Business, and Business Innovation:

  • Business and Society. Social Value Generation. Written by Agustin Llamas Mendoza, this work gathers the vision of the Business and Society Research Center about the social and political role of the business and the businessperson, and makes an innovative proposal that goes beyond social responsibility: the generation of social value.
  • Being and Doing of Business Families. An Integral Vision. A work coordinated by Ricardo Aparicio Castillo in which different authors offer an integral vision of the Family Business. In line with the work done by the Business Families Research Center, this book is an academic work, but with a practical intention.
  • The New Age in Business. Women Toward Top Management. Written by María del Carmen Bernal y Alejandra Moreno, who present the outcome of the work done at the Women in Top Management Research Center, introduces the evolution of the business woman in Mexico, as well as the perspectives and challenges of the feminine talent promotion in Top Management.
  • Business Initiative. Doing it Well and Doing What is Well. A work coordinated by José Antonio Dávila Castillo that gathers articles by several authors, academic experts and businesspeople, that share their experience and vision on the business initiative from different points of view to understand the current business environment and contribute to the businesses development, work to which the Business Initiative-EY Research Center is devoted.
  • The CEO as a Person. Talking to a Man about Man. Written by Alejandro Armenta, who explains the purpose of the Philosophy and Business Research Center: to study man from Philosophical Anthropology with a business approach. The book narrates the origin, present and challenges that the future places on the Research Center.

The Commemorative Collection is the tangible result of IPADE’s firm purpose of contributing, starting from research, to the forming of leaders capable of transforming their environment and have a positive impact. The research work, expressed in these works, offers business men and women, tools that will allow them to perform a better management work.