A little before 9 a.m. the hall that would host the largest Alumni Meeting in IPADE’s history, started receiving its enthusiastic guests.

Alumni from all programs, campuses and generations, marched through registration, while they greeted each other quite lively. Faculty members, as well as deans and key people in IPADE’s projection arrived as well. After saying Grace to the Lord for having reached 50 years of educating the most important community in Mexico, the Main Event got started in an impressive auditorium especially adapted for that day.

Gonzalo Díaz, IPADE’s Outreach Director, started the journey that would conclude the series of events especially prepared for IPADE’s 50th Anniversary. This was followed by a heartfelt message from Antonio Casanueva, Director of the Guadalajara campus, who thanked the alumni generosity, as well as their contributions to conclude the last stage of the campus’ building.

“We receive you inaugurating the facilities, even as we opened the first stage in 2013… we ended up building little by little…,” he said. “But all of us have built IPADE together. IPADE is You and IPADE’s future depends on you.”
Next, Rafael Gómez Nava, IPADE’s General Director thanked the members of the Trust, the alumni of the first generations, among other guests, for having taken part in the campus building campaign.

“It is to you that we owe the development of valuable organizations that contribute to the generation of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the whole country.” He also offered a reflection over the entrepreneurs’ work, and highlighted the virtues that characterize Top Managers. “IPADE as a brand is valuable and authentic, ambassador of a Mexican institution with a global focus. A brand that is recognized and respected for its vocation of service toward businesspeople.”

José Antonio Lozano, General Rector of the Universidad Panamericana and the IPADE, closed the first block, offering an intimate reflection around IPADE’s identity. “Anniversaries have, among other functions, that of rediscovering our identity, strengthen it, and at the same time, rediscover which was the mission of those who brought life to the Institution.” He commended the alumni and encouraged those present to continue transforming the country. “People come and then they leave the institution, but works remain, and then they get bigger, to do well to so much and so many.”

In the event’s second block, Pankaj Ghemawat, IESE’s professor and an expert in globalization issues, shared with the alumni a key lecture that illustrated the main predictions that will bring the businessperson an overview of how the world is moving.

Carmen Villareal then took the lectern, she is an alumnus of Guadalajara’s AD-2 and director of Casa San Matías, one of the main tequila distilleries in the region. Carmen shared the messages harvested from a series of interviews she made to other alumni with the purpose of representing the laureates thought in one voice.

“We are all here because we are in love with IPADE, we found our service vocation.” She made a special mention of the Faculty members, who make the IPADE experience possible through their dedication.“We thank them for helping us to dream, to find hope and to make a better world. They do everything with great congruence, which inspire us.”
The Global Alumni Meeting witnessed an important gathering of high potential businesspeople. But above all, of people that found friends for a lifetime.