IPADE’s 50th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on and commemorate the institution’s first five decades of serving the business community. As part of the corresponding 50th anniversary celebrations, IPADE launched an initiative to document the institution’s 50-year history in both a physical and digital archive, fortifying the institution’s historical record and strengthening the IPADE community’s connection to the past.

During November and December of 2015, letters, official documents, academic documents, photographs, brochures, and books were selected for the archive based on their historical and institutional importance. These 135,343 documents were then categorized and stored as part of IPADE’s historical archive.

The digitization of these materials was carried out in partnership with expert archivists using specialized scanners. Each historical document is now not only stored physically, but is also available through a digital archive that celebrates IPADE’s history and ensures that this information will be available for years to come.

Materials from the archive were used to inform the 50th anniversary documentary and book produced by Editorial Clío, as well as the recently opened Espacio Pedro Casciaro. The book, documentary, and newly opened museum space offer visitors an overview of IPADE’s 50-year history of serving the business community.