As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, IPADE worked together with Editorial Clío to produce a written history of the first five decades of the institution. The final result, 50 Years of Serving the Business Community: Identity, History, and Outreach (50 Años de Servicio a la Comunidad Empresarial. Identidad, Historia y Proyección) offers readers an overview of the history of IPADE and the impact that the institution has had on the development of the Mexican business community. The publication is a written companion piece to the documentary film 50 Years of Training Business Leaders with Values, produced by Clío TV.

Under the direction of famous Mexican historian and public intellectual Dr. Enrique Krauze, the Editorial Clío team worked with IPADE to conduct more than 50 interviews over the course of 15 months. These interviews were complemented by in-depth research in IPADE’s recently organized and digitized historical archive. The publication was coordinated and edited by Javier Lara Bayón, Susana Avilés Aguirre, and Andrea Citlalpiltzin.

4,000 copies of the publication were distributed with La Posta. This written history of IPADE to date is a profound look at the impact that the institution has had during 50 years of training business leaders, and reflects the values of the IPADE community: global vision, a sense of social responsibility, and strong Christian values.