As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, IPADE worked with Clío TV, led by famed Mexican historian and public intellectual Enrique Krauze, to create a documentary on the first 50 years of IPADE’s history. The documentary, titled 50 Years of Training Business Leaders with Values, is a visual companion piece to the print publication 50 Years of Serving the Business Community: Identity, History, and Outreach, published by Editorial Clío.

The documentary provides an in-depth look at IPADE’s first half century, as well as the history of the former hacienda Clavería. The 43 minute film uses archival footage and interviews with the six deans that have run IPADE since its founding, some of the original founding businessmen, students from across the years, and other members of the IPADE community to give the viewer an understanding of the environment in which IPADE was founded and its impact since then.

As Javier Lara, Publications Director at Clío, noted, the history of IPADE is deeply intertwined with the history of Mexico’s modern business community.

“IPADE’s 50th anniversary is an excellent time to recognize and share the importance of the IPADE with the general public,” said Mr. Lara. “It’s important for people to know about the institutions that are dedicated to training the business leaders of Mexico.”

The full documentary was broadcast on Televisa’s Canal 2, Canal 4, and Canal 5 in Mexico, reaching a total of almost one million viewers. A shorter version of the film was also shown at the 50th anniversary events hosted on March 30 and 31. IPADE is proud to celebrate 50 years of training Mexico’s business leaders.