As part of IPADE’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the institution was proud to commission a large scale work of art by the well-known Mexican painter Nathalia Orozco. The painting, titled Virtud, el camino a la excelencia (Virtue: Path towards excellence), incorporates various elements of IPADE’s mission and identity.

In the words of IPADE Dean Rafael Gómez Nava: “[The work] is an invitation for businessmen and women to boldly approach their professional lives with magnanimity and generosity, and to work to create a better Mexico and a better world that will allow humanity to transcend.”

The center of the painting features a prominent female figure representing Virtue. According to the artist, Nathalia Orozco, “This is Virtue, from which everything begins and everything is focused… it gives us direction and purpose, she represents hope, faith, bravery, and strength.” This figure is the central focus of the painting from which all of the other elements extend, reminding the viewer that Virtue should be the focus of all projects.

The left side of the painting features a group of sailors navigating a rough sea. The ship represents the company, while the sailors are none other than Carlos Llano, IPADE founder, and Don Pedro Casciaro, one of the major initial supporters of the institution. These two men represent the guiding spirit of IPADE. They are accompanied by a third individual representing the other founding businessmen who helped make IPADE a reality.

The work is also a tribute to the Mexican business community, also represented by the sailors. “These sailors also represent the business people that leave the familiarity of dry land and dive into the sea and the uncertainty of their dreams,” said Ms. Orozco.

The right side of the painting features various elements, including an image of the Earth surrounded by a golden halo, symbolizing IPADE’s mission to train leaders with a global vision that are capable of changing the world.

A series of silhouettes following a golden upwards trajectory are also visible, symbolizing the individuals that are inspired by IPADE to seek excellence through personal improvement. At the end of this climb a professor is teaching a classroom full of students, representing the complete IPADE community.

Golden letters read “Dream and your dreams will fall short,” a saying from San Josemaría Escrivá that was a favorite of Don Pedro Casciaro. This phrase reminds each one of us to set high goals, and to remember that our actions have an impact that goes beyond the material.

Virtud, el camino a la excelencia is on display in the reception area of IPADE’s Mexico City campus. This space is now also home to the La Posta library and the recently inaugurated Espacio Pedro Casciaro.