As part of IPADE’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the institution arranged for the creation of a time capsule to honor and ensure the preservation of the institution’s first half century of history. Once sealed, the capsule will be stored away until 2042, when it will be reopened during IPADE’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

Important historical photographs, letters, documents, and mementos were all placed into the time capsule at a ceremony for the IPADE community. Attendees at the ceremony were also encouraged to contribute any emotionally significant item that represented their relationship with IPADE and the IPADE community, or that had historical importance for the institution. The time capsule was then sealed by IPADE Dean Rafael Gómez Nava in a dedication ceremony.

The time capsule brings together different historical documents, mementos, and memories that form the foundation of IPADE. The contents of the time capsule represent the IPADE community’s history, our shared dreams, and our identity, and is an opportunity for connection between past and future generations, who will continue their predecessors’ legacy of transforming their organizations, society, and the world.

Capsula del Tiempo