Approximately 120 of the most important members of the local business community attended the Aguascalientes Tarde IPADE event, hosted on July 6. The Tarde IPADE events are an opportunity for IPADE to celebrate its 50th anniversary with its alumni and community in different cities all over Mexico. The event in Aguascalientes was the fourth in the series.

The event was held at the Universidad Panamericana Aguascalientes Campus, where alumni from the eight Management Program classes reunited with old friends and network with the local business community.

The event began with a Thanksgiving Mass. Following the Mass, Professor Alfonso Bolio, Faculty Chair of the Business and the Family Department, imparted a session focused on succession within family businesses.

“It’s well known that many family businesses struggle to survive into the third generation, and most don’t make it,” said Professor Bolio. “This is why we must support the successor to ensure that they are able to take on their role as leader of the organization.”

Following the conclusion of Professor Bolio’s session, attendees were treated to a screening of the Editorial Clío documentary produced in celebration of IPADE’s 50th anniversary. IPADE Dean Rafael Gómez Nava then took the stage to thank the attendees for their presence at the event, emphasizing that the event was an excellent opportunity to recognize and celebrate the longstanding relationship between IPADE and the community of Aguascalientes.

“IPADE has had the opportunity to serve the ‘Land of Good People’ since 1986. To date, eight Management Program classes have graduated from the campus here in Aguascalientes, with more than 363 alumni working to build a better country.”

The event closed with a performance of Horizontes: reflexiones sonoras hacia la virtud (Horizons: Musical reflections on virtue), performed by the Aguascalientes Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Arturo Reyes Barba. The piece was warmly received by the audience and received a standing ovation.