IPADE’s 50th anniversary celebrations continued with a Tarde IPADE event in the city of Chihuahua, a city with a vibrant business community and a significant number of IPADE alumni.

The event began with a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated in the Santa María Reina Chapel and led by Father Alejandro Cortés González-Báez. Subsequently, attendees arrived at the Salón Villarreal for the academic portion of the event.

Rodrigo de León, Professor in the Social and Political Environment Department, led a session titled “The Trump era and the bilateral challenges facing Mexico.” Attendees found the session interesting and engaging, participating actively with the professor regarding some of his theories on the provenance of the United States’ relationship with Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Attendees were also treated to a screening of a shortened version of the documentary produced by Editorial Clío, which covers the first 50 years of IPADE’s history.

Rafael Gómez Nava, Dean of IPADE, was quick to remind attendees that IPADE’s 50th anniversary celebrations, including this event, are truly a celebration of each member of the IPADE community. Dean Gómez Nava thanked the local promotions committee for the invaluable work that they have done to launch and promote IPADE’s programs in Chihuahua.

“Since 1988, IPADE has conducted 14 programs in this region: five AD-2 programs (three in Chihuahua and two in Ciudad Juárez), eight D-1 programs (six in Chihuahua and two in Ciudad Juárez), and a single edition of ADIT in Chihuahua. In total, these programs have graduated 659 alumni: 466 in Chihuahua and 193 in Ciudad Juárez. This vibrant alumni community is in great part thanks to the local promotion committees and business executives that have put their faith in IPADE and have helped promote our programs to the local business community.”

To close the activities, attendees enjoyed a performance of Horizontes: reflexiones sonoras hacia la virtud (Horizons: Musical reflections on virtue) commissioned from the Mexican composer Samuel Zyman in celebration of IPADE’s 50th anniversary.